Off to a good start!?

The countdown continues … 42 days to launch!

The rocket on Mindi’s office window will continue to count down for us … so watch closely … as we approach VBS blastoff day, you might notice some flames ignite underneath and see it head through the ceiling …


If you’re reading this and didn’t see the first blog post from last Thursday, be sure to scroll down to read the “Here we go” post to get caught up.

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I enjoyed reading your comments so much.  There’s nothing more encouraging than chewing on God’s truths together.  I know I’m always challenged by hearing what others have to say.


So … how’s the memorizing going?  How have you been helping yourself learn our verse?  Comment below and share what’s working for you – it just might be what someone else needs to hear!

I’ve gathered some memorizing tips over the years.  I steal all the good ideas I find and save them.  One of them is to write out the verse and draw little pictures or symbols over the words.  Then when you think of the words, you see the pictures in your mind as well.  This is super helpful for visual people.

Like for the words “He” and “God” you might draw a little crown, since “He” refers to Jesus.

For the word “image”, you might draw a mirror.

For the word “invisible”, you might draw 2 eyes and then cross them out with an X.

For the word “firstborn”, you might draw a 1st place ribbon.

“Over”could be an arrow.. You could circle the word “all” to show it includes it all.  And draw an earth for “creation”.  These are just the ideas we came up with at our leader meeting.  You can use anything that works for you.

Click here and you can see what mine looks like.  (I hope …)


A couple interesting things I found while studying this verse …

When it says that Jesus is “the image of the invisible God“, it doesn’t just mean Jesus is like God.  He’s not just similar to Him.  It means Jesus is “the very stamp” of God the Father.  Jesus is God just as God is God.

Also, the term “invisible” doesn’t just mean we can’t see Him.  It also means He is unknowable.  But the unknowable God becomes known in Christ.

Please post comments on any insights you’ve learned about these first 13 words!

More later this week!  We’ll add the next section to memorize, and we’ll start digging into the Bible points for the 5 days of VBS!

3 thoughts on “Off to a good start!?

  • Because I spend 8+ hours a day on my computer at work, I set my email with a reminder that pops up with the verse every day at 10 AM. That way I have that daily reminder. Now I just need to set a reminder on my phone for on the weekends. I am not as savvy with that, so may have to ask one of our youth to help me 🙂

  • Great idea Stephanie Hebert… I just made my pop up on my phone and calendar.
    I really like your rebus to learn the verse, Laura.
    I also like to put it to song, so I am trying it with “This Little Light of Mine”. We will see how it goes! 🙂

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