39 days and counting …

Why is Jesus called “the firstborn over all creation?”

Look it up and see what you find.  PLEASE COMMENT TO SHARE WHAT YOU FIND WITH US!


If you haven’t watched the short videos Chris Rethemeyer shared in his comment, do it!  They’re great.   Talk about a perspective shift on just how big God is and how small we are …

Mindi, we can’t wait to hear you sing your verse for us!  Thanks for sharing your tip …   


It’s time to add the next piece of our memory verse.  Here it is … 6 new words:

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.  For everything was created by Him


Another memorizing tool… fill in the blanks!


He is the __________  of the ______________  ________, the _______________ over

all ______________.  

For _____________ was ___________  by _________ 


VBS Prayer request … the teaching material we bought didn’t include a science station.  We’re coming up with our own … because a scientific observatory is the perfect way to discover just how big God is!  Please pray for Chris Rethemeyer – he is leading this daunting task!

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