THANK YOU for registering to help!!

You all accepted the challenge and registered EARLY!!

Again – thank you!!

I honestly can’t tell you how much that helps us out on this end!  You have a great start now toward a new reputation!


Reminder … VBS T shirts can be ordered only through next Wednesday!

We are officially in full VBS prep mode at church.  Memorial Day hit and everything went into high gear!


So, how’s your memorization going?


He is the ________ of the _____________ God,

the ______________ over ______  _______________.

For ________________ was ____________ by Him, in ____________ and _____  earth,


Can’t wait to share how we learned the thrones and dominions part  – it’s fun!  That’s coming next week … one more short section to add later this week before we get to that.


The worker list will come out later this week.  You will then be contacted by your team leader about a date for a team meeting.


Here’s a preview of what we’ll be learning at VBS this year.

Just click on this link and click the CHILDREN AND SPECIAL NEEDS tab


Notice I said “we”.  I’ll admit it – I’ve missed out on lots of learning over the years I’ve served in VBS.  I’ve taken care of millions of details and to-do lists, and flown right by one of the real treasures of VBS over and over again … digging in to what God says in His Word.

How many of you have shown up at morning prayer time during VBS week, without a clue what the scripture for the day will be?  Yep – I’m guilty.

Pastor Bob is the only one really required to dig in to the VBS scripture passages … after all, he’s the one teaching them.  The rest of us can do the activities and play the games and make the snacks and sing the songs and stay really, really busy serving … and sell ourselves short.   We end the week empty.

So this year, let’s do it different.

Let’s get filled up before we start.

Let’s learn along with the kids.

What a novel idea!

Devotions are coming your way over the next few weeks.

Don’t miss out.

Take some time to read the Bible passage for each day.

If you’re an avid studier, run with it – look it up in different translations, read some commentary, …

Ask God what He wants to teach YOU.

What is He telling you about who He is?

VBS is for all of us.


How ’bout that?   Who knew!?

1 thought on “THANK YOU!

  • Wow great point Laura!!!! We are so busy getting ready for VBS we often don’t GET READY for VBS. How sad we are missing out on real “GOD SIGHTINGS” in his word. Thank you for reminding us..
    I know I am getting ahead but for the thrones, dominions part I used
    TDRA to start so that I knew I kept them in the right order and if I knew the letters it was easy to associate the words.

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