Day 1 Devotion

It’s time to add the next 5 words of our memory verse!  Are you keeping up??  I hope and pray this verse is sinking deep into your heart.   If someone asks you who Jesus is, here’s your answer …


8  He is the image of the invisible God,

5  the firstborn over all creation.

7  For all things were created by Him,

5  in heaven and on earth,

5  the visible and the invisible,


Some of you are number people, so it may help you to think of each phrase (line) as the number of words in the line.

Me? Numbers don’t do much for me.  I’m all about pictures – so I think of this line as this – things we can see and things we can’t.   Isn’t that comforting?  We mistakenly think we’re in control so much of the time.  But there are things around us we can’t even see.  That’s kinda creepy if you really think about it.  How on earth can we have control over them if we can’t even see them?  But Jesus can see them.  And He controls them – because he created them and is ruler over them.  And He loves us.  So we’re okay.  Because He’s got the whole world in His hands.


I hope you had a chance to look at the overview of the scripture we’ll be teaching during VBS.  If not, the link is in the last blog post.

I love the Bible content for this year.  We cover God’s whole story of redemption …

Day 1:  The Relationship Began – The story of creation

Day 2:  The Relationship Broken – The story of the fall of man

Day 3:  The Restoration Promised – Jesus is born

Day 4:  The Relationship Restored – Jesus dies for our sins and comes back to life!

Day 5:  The Relationship Continues – We fail but Jesus never leaves us!


Today I’m sharing Day 1’s devotion with you … but don’t wait until Day 1 of VBS to read it.  Read it now … so it starts to sink in …



Read this:  Genesis 1:1-2, Genesis 1:26-31, John 1:1, 14

Leader Devotion:

Back in the 1500’s, Nicholas Copernicus caused a planetary stir when his careful observations of the night sky led him to conclude that the center of our solar system was the sun, rather than the earth itself.  Copernicus was humbled, awed, and intensely curious about “the world which has been built for us by the Best and Most Orderly Workman of all”.

Today’s Bible passage intentionally skips over the bulk of Genesis 1.  Why?  By shifting the focus from what God created on Day 4 (Gamma Crucis, the closest red giant star to Earth) or Day 6 (kittens), kids can zoom in on the idea that God created the universe for them!  You can emphasize that people have been created in God’s image.  God gave us the ability to ponder, to create, to investigate, and to celebrate … and the option to do those things with or without a relationship with Him.

God’s words in Genesis 1:26 and the lyrical words of John 1:1 further emphasize that nothing about creation was an accident.  Jesus was with God – and was God – from the moment He released the first dazzling burst of light.  Best of all, the Creator came to live in the world He created.  The term John used in John 1:14 for “dwelt” or “took up residence” conveys the idea of God’s presence filling the tabernacle, and is used nowhere else in the Bible – a fitting description of His “one-of-a-kindness!”

It’s 93 million miles to the sun – one astronomical unit.  The distance to the end of our solar system is more than 120 of those astronomical units!  The sheer size of the universe should make us catch our breath.  But the most breathtaking truth this Bible study should communicate to kids is that God created them, cares for them, and loves them far more than anything in the galaxy!

Above and Beyond

VBS isn’t just for kids – it’s for you, too!  Consider these questions as you prepare to teach:

  • People are God’s most precious creation.  When was the last time you were reminded how much He loves you?  What triggered that reminder?
  • Every human is created in God’s image.  How should that truth affect the way you treat every human – especially the hard-to-love ones?


Ponder this … and share your comments or thoughts with the rest of us.

What stands out to you?

What do these scriptures tell you about who God is?


Until next time …

4 thoughts on “Day 1 Devotion

  • What stands out to me is the focus man wants to have on himself. Even when Copernicus decided that it was the sun (and not the earth) that was the center of the universe…he was still way off. Our little solar system is not that big of a deal in our (Milky Way) galaxy, let alone all the other galaxies. God is infinite and his creation beyond our ability to comprehend. Yet in our world, most people want to find their worth in the things around them or in their ability to understand and control their circumstances. The most important thing that we have is our relationship with an infinite God and HE wants that relationship with us! God, please give us Your Spirit to guide our thoughts and desires back to you where they belong. Please give us an eternal perspective in how we live!

  • What jumped out to me is the focus on the word “dwelt” or “took up residence” . Why the God of the Universe wants to dwell with His creation, commune with them, love, save, and protect them is beyond me. With Him being the only thing that provides anything worthy in us is not only a mystery but is the source of His gift. Why did He create all that He did?…It is who He is! Why does He want to dwell with us?…Again it is who He is! When I realize that it humbles me and makes me want to jump and shout YES GOD THANK YOU.

  • The fact that we are so, so, so, SO tiny compared to the rest of all God has created is very humbling (and my mind explodes when I think about how God is MUCH bigger than the universe itself). Yet, He chose to love us and save us! That is breathtaking, heart stopping, awe inspiring, humbling, the list goes on and on.

    Check out this amazing video by Louie Giglio that just makes me feel so humble and loved before our amazing Creater and Father:

  • What’s neat to me is that God isn’t a physical entity, but he’s given us shadows and glimpses of who he is in all of creation. Literally all of creation. Everything. The total of creation.
    Do we know the total of creation? Or understand how it works? Why are there stars we can’t see? God’s bigger than we think because we literally can’t think of anything that big. Which is just more awesome for God because he knows we can’t ever understand him and he keeps pressing in anyway. He’s just the coolest God ever.

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