Day 2 Devotion

17 days ’til Blast Off … seriously?  Where has the time gone?!!


Today’s the day!!  It’s time to add the hardest part of the memory verse to remember … but you can do it!

Here’s what we’ve learned so far …

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation, for everything was created by Him, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible, …


So what does “everything” include?  This says “everything” was created by Him … does that mean just the physical world, like what scientists consider “matter” – things we can see and feel?  The answer must be no – because the verse also tells us that He created things in heaven and things that are invisible.

This next phrase – whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities – doesn’t mean what I thought it means.  I always thought this meant kings, or people who sit on thrones; and other lesser rulers like governors, sheriffs, and so on.

But the commentaries I’ve read say this phrase refers to spiritual beings and the vast host of heaven.   Such beings do exist and can have great influence in the visible world as well as the invisible. Even these, however, were created by Jesus Christ!


So … here’s how I remember this part … maybe it will help you too – we came up with it at our leader meeting:

  1. First, picture a throne in your mind.  (thrones)
  2. Now picture a cute little domino walking up and sitting on the throne. (get it?  domino … sounds like dominions …)
  3. Next the domino reaches down and picks up a ruler in one hand.  (rulers)
  4. Then the domino reaches down and picks up a sheriff’s badge in his other hand. (a badge is a symbol of authority)

(Just don’t say dominoes when you recite the verse – that’s the danger in using this memory trick!)


Onto our second devotion – it has some really good food for thought …



Read this:  Genesis 3 

Leader devotion:

Growing up 5 miles from nowhere on acres of flat Missouri farmland, we had an evening privilege I didn’t appreciate until adulthood: a panoramic nighttime view of space frosted with thick layers of twinkling stars.  Even in the tiny town where I live now (population 1,051), it’s hard to get a good look at the night sky.  Streetlights and the glow from the mini-mart mask all but the brightest stars.  Light pollution is an astronomer’s enemy, obstructing a clear view of space.  Today’s Bible story is about a universe-polluting event that obstructed people’s perfect relationship with God.

Though the Bible doesn’t tell us how long, for a time in the beginning, life was perfect.  Everything functioned exactly as God had designed it.  Adam and Eve marveled at God’s creation and reveled in each other’s company.  Their intimate relationship with God was unimpaired.

Satan found an opportunity to ruin that relationship.  He caused Eve to doubt that God wanted what was best for her.  He enticed her to believe that experimenting with the forbidden fruit was more desirable than abiding by God’s wisely set rules.  (Genesis 3:6)

Although she was battling the master deceiver, Eve had the choice to resist him – and failed to do so.  And Adam? There’s no record of his thought processes, but the result was the same.  Sin.  Shame.  Excuses.  Consequences.  See if you can spot all those things as you read Genesis 3:7-19.

Aren’t you glad the end of today’s story isn’t the end of the whole story?  Backtrack to Genesis 3:15.  Bible scholars agree it’s the first glimmer of a twinkle of a hint that Jesus was coming and he would crush sin forever!  As you share today’s Bible story with the kids, don’t minimize the damage sin can do, but don’t miss the opportunity to share that God has always been, and will always be, in complete control!

Above and Beyond

VBS isn’t just for kids – it’s for you, too!  Consider these questions:

  • Think of the impact sin has had on world history and your personal history.  (See Genesis 6:5)  How should that affect your desire to see others reconcile to God?
  • Is there a particular sin that you’ve been treating too lightly because you know you have been forgiven for it?  What needs to change?

If you’re not already, please begin asking God to direct and use every part of VBS for his kingdom.  If He isn’t in it, it’s a waste of our time and energy.  But if He is, it’s a treasure stored in heaven!

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