Day 3 Devotion

12 more days … ahhhh! There’s lots to accomplish!


If you are available, we need your help on the next 2 Fridays!  We start at 9am! 


Next week are worker meetings for Science, Crew Leaders, and Crafts.  The rest of you have already met, except our kitchen people.  You will be meeting Sunday, June 25 to make the first day’s snack and go over your information.

T-shirts should be available next Wednesday, June 21.  Be sure to sign up for our pizza dinner if you are able to come help with setup that night.


Here’s the last piece of our memory verse!!  WE MADE IT!

 …  – all things have been created through Him and for Him. 

Did you see that?  There’s a period at the end.  Done!

I don’t have anything catchy to help you with this one.  Except that I always get the by Him and through Him and for Him mixed up.

“By Him” was earlier in the verse, and now this part has “through Him” and “for Him” in it.

So maybe we can try to  remember BY THROUGH FOR – y’know – like  … well I can’t think of a word that rhymes with bythroughfor … can you?

Prizes are accumulating in my bag … I hope you get one by reciting the verse for us!!


Here’s our Day 3 Devotion … enjoy!



Read this:  Isaiah 7:14,  Matthew 1:18-24, Luke 2:22-38

Leader devotion:

Astronomy does play a role in Jesus’ early life:  after all, a remarkable stellar occurrence prompted a certain group of educated stargazers to find Him!  But quite some time before those travelers arrived, Jesus’ arrival was made known to a working-class carpenter, his bride-to-be, and a pair of sweet-spirited senior adults.

Joseph, Mary, Simeon, and Anna were undoubtedly familiar with God’s promises that Immanuel would come to earth someday.  You’ll mention Isaiah 7:14 as you share today’s Bible story with kids.  Take a moment to check out what else was said about the Savior in Isaiah 11:1-5 and Isaiah 53:1-6.  Scripture made it clear where the Savior would be born, the family from which He would come, and the role He would play in God’s plan for mankind.

What an earth-shaking idea Joseph had to absorb when an angel interrupted his night’s sleep to announce that he had been chosen to raise the Messiah!  The angel reminded Joseph that Jesus was coming to save His people – not from earthly oppression, but from their sins.  When he realized Whose child Mary was carrying, gentle Joseph cancelled his plans to cancel his engagement.  Together, they welcomed God with us into the world and obediently dedicated Him at the appointed time.

It was, of course, no coincidence that Simeon and Anna were at the temple on the very same day.  The consolation of Israel, for which Simeon waited, is vividly and accurately described in Isaiah 40:2.  With the Holy Spirit’s prompting, Simeon recognized that the baby in Mary’s arms was The One.  (Can’t you just see the smile wrinkles crinkling on his face as he gently scooped up the baby Messiah in his hands?  Can you hear Anna’s delighted laugh?  Don’t you wish someone had taken a photo?)

Simeon and Anna praised the Savior before His work on earth was done.  You know what that work truly accomplished.  We’re praying that you’ll share that message sincerely and enthusiastically with your VBS kids!

Above and Beyond

VBS isn’t just for kids – it’s for you, too!  Consider these questions:

  • The Holy Spirit helped Simeon recognize Jesus as the Messiah.  How did the Holy Spirit help you recognize that Jesus was your Savior?  (Kids may ask … so now’s a good time to practice your answer.)
  • Compare Luke 2:34-35 to 1Corinthians 1:23 and 1Peter 2:8.  What do you think was the significance of Simeon’s warning?


1 thought on “Day 3 Devotion

  • At one point in my life I knew that how I was living was not working. I had no joy and did have much frustration. I believe the Holy Spirit showed me, through the reading and hearing of God’s Word, that there was a better way…and that way was to accept what Jesus offered on the cross as a new starting point. His gift lifted a lot of burden from me and gave me a new and better direction. That new direction did cause changes in relationships. Some that I had enjoyed before no longer held appeal to me and the people in those relationships did not understand why I had changed. So there was a loss, in some cases, of worldly relations, but a gain of eternal (and Spirit-filled) life.

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