Day 5 Devotion


Read this:  John 21:1-19; Acts 1:4,8

Leader devotion:

Astronomers agree that the gravitational pull of the moon has some effect on the rise and fall of the tides.  Fishermen are a little less unanimous in their opinions, but it is thought that the moon also has some effect on their potential catch.  Some scientific research hints that the best fishing is during a full or new moon.  In today’s Bible story, regardless of the lunar effect on the Sea of Tiberias (Galilee), the fish weren’t biting.  Peter had a disappointing night of trawling for fish, but with the dawn came hope, purpose … and breakfast cooked by Jesus Himself!

Peter had been tagged by Jesus as the rock of the church (Matthew 16:18).  When Jesus told Peter that He had prayed specifically for his strength and courage, Peter vowed he would never fail His Master (Luke 22:31-33).  Within hours, Peter failed miserably, His final, silent, painful encounter with Jesus before His crucifixion is recorded in Luke 22:61-62.  On the morning Jesus hailed Peter’s fishing boat, Peter had not yet had an opportunity to be alone with Him – to make thing right.  Do you suppose that’s what motivated his spontaneous leap into the water to beat his buddies to the shore?

After breakfast, Jesus took Peter aside – not to belittle him, but to empower him, Jesus affirmed that Peter’s career was far from over; he was being promoted from fishing to shepherding.  With the Holy Spirit’s help, Peter rocked the world for Jesus.  You can read about it starting in Acts 2.  Not bad for an impulsive guy with a tendency to speak before he thought!

God has a purpose for every fallible person He placed on this planet.  We’re thanking God that your purpose this week is to share that truth with VBS kids!


Above and Beyond

VBS isn’t just for kids – it’s for you, too!  Consider these questions:

  • Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love Me more than these?”  John isn’t clear about what the “these” were.  What do you think Jesus was referring to?  What would the “these” be if Jesus asked you the same question?
  • Consider Acts 1:8.  How have your past mistakes influenced the way you share Jesus with others?  Have they made you bashful and fainthearted, or believable and approachable?

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