5 days and counting … Day 4 Devotion

He is the _______ of the _____________ God, the _________ over ___ creation, ____ everything ________  _________ by Him, in ______ and on __________, the ________ and the ___________, whether  t________ or  d__________ or  r_________ or  a____________  – all things have been created _________ Him and _____ Him.   He is the image of the Read more about 5 days and counting … Day 4 Devotion[…]


THANK YOU for registering to help!! You all accepted the challenge and registered EARLY!! Again – thank you!! I honestly can’t tell you how much that helps us out on this end!  You have a great start now toward a new reputation!   Reminder … VBS T shirts can be ordered only through next Wednesday! We Read more about THANK YOU![…]


Here they are!  Have fun learning the VBS music and motions before VBS this year! There are 6 songs – with something to suit all different musical tastes! Let your kids learn them too!